Advisory services

Through our strategic advisers and partners, we extend our assistance to you by providing support and a set of guidelines. We do this by reviewing possible improvements, revealing risks associated with your business and identifying deficiencies in performance. The provision of any advisory services is conditional on the non-existence of any conflicts with any other business extended of regulatory nature.

Our most prominent advisory services are:

  • Provision of investment awareness for the current owners and their children (an assortment of investment awareness programs according to the types of investments).

  • Setting up a periodical supervisory control reporting system for owners and stakeholders.

  • Assessment of economic studies.

  • Establishment and strengthening of internal control systems.

  • Estate risks administration.

  • Zakat payment services.

  • Family waqf.

  • Follow up correlation operations between strategies and operational processes.

  • Review of assets and investments cost assessment operations. 

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